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Available 24 Hours a Day
Diversity of Teleradiology Services
Exceptional Turnaround Time
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Flexible Scheduling
Highest Radiology Standards
Seamless Technical Integration
State of the Art Technology
Customized Radiology Service
Experts in Several Sub Specialties
HIPPA Compliant
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Professional Benefits:

Boost Client Confidence
Broaden Sub Specialty
Customize Radiology Service
Enhance Productivity
Promote Growth & Profitability
Improve Patient Care
Increase Referring Physician
“Our Technology… Your Future”

Our mission is to offer customized radiology services while maximizing value for our clients by coordinating efficient use of technology and leading physicians. Professional Management Systems, LLC is headquartered in Central Ohio and offers our clients over 45 years of radiology experience covering multiple subspecialties. We are constantly promoting and developing the highest level of radiology standards.

Teleradiology is being driven by a shortage of radiologists and an ever increasing volume of work. We can present you a diversity of radiology services that will enhance your radiology team and augment your sub specialty expertise. We offer flexible scheduling that allows us to customize your radiology team and services to best fit your individual facility’s needs.

Professional Management Systems’ commitment is to increase referring physician satisfaction and improve patient care. Our team of dedicated US educated and trained radiologists are experts in their field of medical imaging. They are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to access digital images, so that they can deliver highly accurate diagnostic imaging interpretations. We are able to provide this service by the efficient use of technology and optimizing physician professional time.

Professional Management Systems’ innovative Remote Off-Site Data Center can offer you PACS, RIS and information archiving. This ensures seamless technical integration with imaging systems while keeping security of information a top priority. With our fiber data transmission technology we will be a leader in large quantity data delivery and speed. With Professional Management Systems’ technology investment and future technology initiatives, there will be an increase of productivity and efficiency of services which translates into an increase of growth and profitability for your facility.

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