• On-Site or Off-Site Solutions
• Extensive Sub Specialty Offerings
• Diversity of Imaging Modalities
• High Quality Customized Reports
• Available for Overflow
• Customized Professional Service
• Flexible Full-Time or Part-Time
• Multi-level QA Program
• Night call – Night Hawk Services
• Office Visit Scheduling
• Patient Advocacy Services
• Professional Protocol Guidance
• Remote Certified Reading
• Day Time, Night Time, Weekend
  and Vacation Teleradiology Service


• Licensing & Credentialing Service
• Transcription Services
• Film Management Services
• Full IT Integration and Support
• Dedicated PACS Administrator
• Data Archive Solutions
• Patient Call Center
• Quality Assurance Program
• Personalized Account Manager


• Cost Effective
• No Minimum Reads Required
• Compliment Your Own Staff
• Increase Productivity
• Reliable Radiology Partner
• Round Out Sub Specialty

Partnering with Professional Management Systems, LLC provides highly efficient and effective service offerings which will increase your competitive advantage.
“Changing the Face of Healthcare”

Professional Management Systems, LLC is an integrated consultation, interpretation, and interventional radiology group founded and focused on delivering the highest quality patient care. We are uniquely positioned to supply a wide range of additional capabilities and services for your facility including virtual radiology. Radiology is rapidly evolving and Professional Management Systems is adapting by placing emphasis on growth, streamlined processes, advanced technologies and personal dedication.

We are committed to delivering high quality care which is directly related to active consultation and communication with physicians and key healthcare personnel. This will integrate the radiology department into an essential part of the daily medical decision process. Professional Management Systems provides each client with personalized radiologists and an Account Manager to maintain constant communication. This personalized care will streamline, consolidate and extend your operation exceeding the expectation of both the recommending physician and patient.

By operating as a team, we are able to provide optimal interpretations with competitive turn-around times. Communication is a vital aspect of this quality service and we are available 24/7 by utilizing our suite of Teleradiology services. By providing instant access to our radiologist, we are able to enhance and extend your radiology staff’s services. This is all accomplished by combining the excellence in radiology offerings with the latest in digital imaging technology.

Our radiologists participate in a multi-level, self-directed Quality Assurance program. We utilize state of the art technology to assure compliance with CMS, state and JCAHO standards. This includes offering QA peer review programs for facilities that currently operate with a full staff.

We build enduring relationships that provide value driven services while delivering the highest level of care for patients. A key component in providing exceptional service is to consider our client’s valuable feedback. Together we will change the face of healthcare by utilizing our technology and leading radiologists to create future success for your organization.

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