Modality Configuration
WAN infrastructure
• Design
• Engineering
• 24/7 Support
PACS/RISA Administration
Data Interface Programming
• HL7 Integration
• Flat File
- Design
- Engineering
- Development
Digital Image Archiving
HIPAA Compliant VPN
• Design
• Engineering
• 24/7 support
• Obsolescence Protection
• Upgrades
• Vendor Management
Network Voice Dictation
Online Case Tracking
Fiber Optics Technology
Data Verification

Our web-based system is robust, simple to set-up, and is managed 24 hours a day by our Remote Off-Site Data Center. Our talented network engineers will work with you to implement the system as efficiently and simply as possible while maintaining your office workflow. This can all be expedited within a time frame that meets your requirements. Once successfully running, our system presents diagnostic images while ensuring the highest quality at all times

“Our Technology… Your Future”

With the increased volume of digital imaging, coupled with a continual shortage of technologists, radiologists and network engineers, there is a higher demand on facilities that are providing radiology services. Professional Management Systems will provide you with our advanced technology solutions including implementation and management that will revolutionize your radiology facility. Our state of the art services allow us to give health care partners a stable, efficient and reliable digital imaging network by utilizing the highest quality digital radiology networking systems, fiber network communication technology and digital imaging archiving.

We are constantly striving to meet the needs of any sized health care imaging facility at a value driven cost. Allow us to reduce your overall expenses while continuing to provide the highest quality services to your patient populace while being mindful of the demanding digital imaging medical environment that exists today.

HIPAA compliance is a main focus of our engineered encrypted data transmission – whether it is for web viewing, local readings or one of the many other services we offer. We also provide a redundant data back-up system for fail-over data protection and a fiber network that guarantees data system image transmission.

Experience exceptional service, reliable technology and enhanced workflow by partnering with Professional Management Systems. Our technology … your future success.

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